Our breeding philosophy


How do we select the females and males that we want to breed?


Our selection is made by our experiences when it comes to working with a malamute team of up to 14 dogs. In races we have been competing with up to 10 dogs in one team. Such a large amount of malamutes at the same time in our team, demands individuals that have real good temper and it also demands that they love to work together. However, it is very important to emphasize that this is not an extreme dog when it comes to dog races, but overall it is an excellent working and family dog.


treningstur vinteren 2006



When we make our selection of the females and males we want to breed, the most important issue to us is their temperament. We would never breed a dog with aggressive behaviour. Tests made by veterinarians have shown that the possibility to inherit aggressive behaviour from parents is more than 54%. To us it is extremely important to continue the breeding program we have chosen, namely to breed social and happy dogs with good health. Our belief is that malamutes with "good temper" get more attached to their owners and they are also more willing to work together with their owners.


Normally, malamute litters are born and raised outside in a pen. Not at our place. Our females move into our house when they are pregnant. Some of them live inside our house for a long time and some of them move in close to the birth of the coming litter. It depends on the female and what she wants. We take extra good careof the coming mother.


The puppies are born in our puppy room inside our house. They move out when they are between 3 and 4 weeks old. At this age they are ready for new experiences. We feel that the puppies get more attached to people and more used to noise when they live inside our house. They get closer contact with all of us, they can hear our voice and they also have a warm and safe place to sleep.


From the age of approximately 5 weeks we take the puppies for small walks in the forrest where we live. This build good muscles on the puppies and they also learn to use their brain and to think for themselves. They have to solve problems such as how to pass a tree that has fallen down or how to climb a little hill. It is very exciting to watch them solve such problems.


When the puppies reach the age of 6 to 7 weeks, we start practicing on being on their own. We bring one and one puppy into our house, mainly to see how they react when they are on their own, but also to get close contact with one at a time. The puppies get accustomed to live inside again in case they should live inside a house together with their new familiy.


Every puppy plays a role when they are together with their litter mates. When we bring one puppy at a time into our house, we often see that they behave quite different when they are on their own. This is very important imformation for us when we chose the owner for each puppy.


When the puppies are between 6 and 7 weeks old, we make our decisoon on where the puppies will move. After that we start to learn each puppy its name. When the puppy moves to its new home, he or she will come running to you when you call.


We also practice on walkin in leash and we take them for a trip or two in our car, just so that the are used to being in a car.


We believe that a good start given by good experiences will make it easy for the puppy to adapt to their new homes.


If you have questions about our breeding philosophy, please don't hesitate to contact us.